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June is Ride Transit Month

Do you ride the bus or take Link Light Rail, or a commuter train? Do you ever take a ferry or share the ride in a  vanpool,  water taxi, or streetcar? If so, you are taking a form of transit and this coming June we’re partnering with Transportation Choices in celebrating Ride Transit Month, a … Continued

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Biking with babies and blueberries

U District, Let’s Go interviewed Bjorn and Julianne Simpson, two local U District residents, who make it a regular practice to ride their bicycles with their two small children to the U District Farmers Market. Find out how they make it work. How long you both have been bicycling, and were there any first dates … Continued

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Tell us what U think

Transportation impacts everyone – it connects us to jobs, schools, services, and anywhere else we need or want to go. How do you get around? What would make it easier? U District, Let’s Go want’s to know what you think and over the next few weeks, U District, Let’s Go will be hitting the streets … Continued

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U District, Let’s Go is everywhere!

U District, Let’s Go is ramping up for a busy spring time. Here is everywhere you can find us over the next few weeks. Saturday April 21, from 10:00 a.m. – noon, find us at Healthy Kids Day with University Family doing ORCA LIFT enrollment. Sunday April 22, from noon – 4:00 p.m., find us … Continued

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Getting to and from the Special Olympics

  The 2018 Special Olympics will be held at the University of Washington with the majority of the games held at Husky Stadium, July 1 – 6, 2018. An estimated 70,000 people are expected to come to U District area to attend the games. Ridership of the Link Light Rail will be heavily in use … Continued

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Several ways to share the ride

Do you work odd hours, or maybe transit isn’t the best commute solution for you? Are you tired of driving alone and putting miles on your car, paying for parking? You might want to consider sharing the ride. Sharing the ride or ridesharing is a great way to get work, save money on the cost … Continued

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Find a new commute

U District, Let’s Go wants to help you find you a great commute to the U District. Whether you work or volunteer here, want to save money, or maybe you’re looking to build exercise into your day. What ever your reason, our commute planning experts can help you explore all your options and find you solutions … Continued

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